Who Was the Inventor of the Drew League?

Samson Donick

January 3, 2023

Samson Donick

The Drew League started in 2009 and is now a regular summer league for high school basketball players from all over the country. The league features some of the top players in the game, including Alvin Lewis, George Thomas, LeBron James, and Chaniel Smiley. But who exactly was behind this amazingly successful league?

Alvin Lewis

The Drew League is a summer basketball league. It was founded in 1973 by Alvin Lewis. His goal was to create a program where young people could learn life lessons through basketball.

Aside from being a basketball league, it has been a model for building a community. Players from all walks of life gather together and practice. Sponsors like Spalding and Dick’s Sporting Goods sponsor some of the league’s events.

There are also a number of notable celebrities that have made appearances in the Drew League. Some of these include Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, James Harden, and Kevin Durant. Other NBA players have been involved in the league, including Steve Blake, Byron Scott, and Brandon Jennings.

One of the more famous basketball tournaments in Los Angeles is the Drew Summer League. The league has been in existence for four decades and has evolved into the epicenter of west coast pro-am basketball.

James DeRozan

The Drew League, a pro-am basketball league, has been in existence for over forty years. It has been a training ground for many NBA players and has become one of the most popular summer basketball events in the United States. This year’s tournament will take place at King/Drew Magnet High School in Los Angeles. During the off-season, players from all over the NBA will participate in the Drew League.

One of the most recognizable players in the Drew League is DeMar DeRozan. The Compton native has played in the Drew League for several years and recently teamed up with James. During their last appearance, they scored a win against the Big Baller Brand.

The two teammates showed chemistry on the court. They combined for 30 points and 14 rebounds. Their team also won the game against Black Pearl Elite.

George Thomas

The Drew League is an annual summer league in Los Angeles, California. This high school basketball league is home to hoopsters from all walks of life. From NBA players to streetball legends, the Drew League has brought together some of the best athletes of the past and present.

The Drew League was started in 1973 by Alvin Wills, who believed that it could provide an opportunity for young people to develop important life skills through basketball. His goal was to create an institution that would bring top local players back into the community.

Over the years, the Drew has featured many of the top athletes of our time, including Kobe Bryant, LaMolo Ball, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Isaiah Thomas, and many more. In addition to attracting big-name athletes, the Drew has also attracted sponsors such as Nike and Time Warner Cable.

Chaniel Smiley

Chaniel Smiley is the first female to hold the position of commissioner of the Drew League. She is a native of Watts, CA, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Upon taking the position in 1985, she helped grow the league into a 10-team organization.

The Drew League has been around for more than 40 years and has had a number of notable players over the years. NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant, James Harden, and Paul Pierce have all played in the Drew.

The Drew League’s goal is to help young people build relationships through the sport of basketball. As such, the league has worked with various organizations, such as CrossOvr Collective, to implement culturally relevant initiatives. This is done through brand partnerships.

LeBron James

If you’re looking for a pro-am basketball game this weekend, there’s no better place than Los Angeles’ famed Drew League. LeBron James will be back in the league for the first time since 2011.

The league, which dates back to 1973, was founded by Alvin Willis. Since then, it’s become a fixture in South Los Angeles. It regularly attracts NBA stars and other American celebrities.

This summer, the Drew League has 20 teams, which play once a week on weekends. There are even all-stars who participate.

LeBron James and DeMar DeRozan are on the roster. In the past, Drew League has hosted many famous NBA players, such as Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and James Harden.

Aside from NBA stars, the Drew also hosts a few college players. The Drew’s 40th anniversary patch can be found on its uniforms.