Basketball Shooting Tips

Samson Donick

October 21, 2022

Mastering the Art of Basketball Shooting: Essential Tips for Success

The first thing to do when you’re trying to shoot a basketball is to learn proper form. Even if you’re far away from the basket, you should still study your mechanics and form. To do this, you can record yourself basketball shooting, pause, and analyze the mechanics of your shot.


Proper followthrough is the key to a smooth basketball shot. To create the perfect followthrough, you should begin shooting from the pocket. Doing this will help you avoid the dangerous practice known as “dipping the ball below your waist. When you dip the ball, your shooting motion moves more, which leads to mistakes in your mechanics and a slower release.

In the correct followthrough, your arm and elbow should be pointed toward the hoop. Shooting with the elbow out creates sidespin, which is caused by the shooting hand rotating behind the ball. Over-rotating the shooting hand can cause the ball to strike the right rim with sidespin.


Developing a rhythm in basketball shooting is an important part of the game. A good shooting rhythm helps players to control their movements and to get into a flow state. Rhythm is also important for the mechanics of the shot. There are several ways to achieve this. First, players should focus on using their legs to push the ball forward. This will result in a better arc. Secondly, players should make sure that their shooting arm is elevated to 45–60 degrees. Lastly, they should stress that their shoulders and heads are moving forward and upward. They should also check to make sure their hands are spaced properly.

Another way to develop your shooting rhythm is to practice using positive self-talk. Use words that will help you stay focused, such as “I’m confident,” “I’m a great shooter,” or “I’m a good shooter.” Make sure the words you use are specific to you. Using positive words can help you avoid common mistakes like lowering the ball or turning the wrist when shooting.

Hand position

One of the most important aspects of your basketball shooting form is hand alignment. You want your dominant hand to point toward the basket while your other hand stays slightly off center. This way, your hand is at the proper angle to release the ball. Make sure that the index finger of the dominant hand points toward the basket.

Once you have found the right hand position, you can start practicing your shooting motion. The correct hand position will allow you to release the ball with more power and less risk of error. Then, you can try releasing the ball with your elbow extended. This will create a consistent follow-through and a quick release. To help you achieve this position, you should bend your elbow slightly and extend your wrist and fingers at the same time. This will help you create muscle memory.

Landing forward

When a basketball player is shooting, it is important to land forward. This is done by aligning the midline of the body with the hoop and using their gaze to align with the hoop. This will help the player maintain the proper balance while moving forward and will allow them to shoot the ball more efficiently. Aside from this, players should also focus on using their legs to absorb the weight of the body on the way down and up.

Taking a long step with your outside leg, which is closest to the basket, is another key to getting the ball into the basket. While in this position, make sure to bend the leg slightly. Then, place both of your hands outward, reaching out as you grab the ball.

Distance accuracy

Distance accuracy is the most challenging aspect of basketball shooting. You have a 50% error margin when you shoot from a distance. The angle of the ball entering the hoop also affects your margin of error. However, there are ways to improve your long-distance accuracy and increase your shooting percentage. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best practices.

To improve your long distance accuracy, start with a consistent shooting motion. Most players use a jump shot as their primary scoring technique. As a result, they need to develop a consistent and efficient shooting motion to maximize their scoring potential. Elite players also work to minimize movement variability, which can affect their performance.

Track your shots.

Keeping track of your shots is a very important part of improving your shooting performance. Many great shooters track their shots and use this information to help them improve. For instance, tracking your shots while shooting basketball can help you see if you’re improving at a good pace. This practice can also help you set goals and find weak areas.

Another great method for tracking your shots is using an app called HOOPS. This app uses your phone camera to track thousands of data points in real time and provides instant feedback. It measures things like the angle of entry, the depth of the basket, and more. This way, you can make the necessary corrections to improve your shot and build muscle memory.