Basketball Leagues in NYC

Samson Donick

March 21, 2023

Drew League

Whether your kid is just starting out or looking to up their game, basketball leagues in NYC are a great way to help them develop their skills. Plus, they get to play with friends!

There are many different types of basketball programs in New York, so it is important to find one that best fits your child’s needs. This article will provide you with a list of some of the best basketball leagues in NYC.

Asphalt Green

Our basketball leagues are designed to provide youth the opportunity to develop technical skills and learn fundamentals while enjoying a competitive game environment. Players will first learn basic skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting before progressing to more advanced skills and strategies.

Our Community Sports Leagues serve more than 720 middle school children from 19 New York City public schools and charter schools. Through team sports, the Leagues teach important life lessons such as leadership, teamwork, and healthy exercise habits. Watch the video below to see how they’re helping to build a better future for our city’s young people. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers, located in Manhattan, is home to a number of adult basketball leagues. These competitive adult sports leagues feature professional referees, first-class management, and seamless scheduling. These sports leagues are held on indoor, air-conditioned Aacer Maplewood courts and offer both competitive and recreational divisions.

According to prosecutors, Peter IULO and James Murray were responsible for a scheme that used stolen identities to evade taxes on income paid to referees in the adult basketball leagues at Chelsea Piers. Specifically, IULO and Murray authored false IRS forms that included the stolen identification information to help ensure that referees were not paid more than $600 in any year.


The Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department has partnered with several organizations to provide unique and fun sports-related activities for the local youth population. One of the most interesting is an AAU travel basketball program that boasts multiple teams and is a true competitor to other top-tier programs.

The Yorkville Basketball Association is the largest of its ilk in the city, with multiple gyms and offerings for kids from ages 5 to 17. They also boast an impressive number of awards, including the best youth sports organization in New York. The organization aims to educate children on life skills that are fun and interesting.

Elite Skills

Elite Skills is a year-round program where kids learn the fundamentals of basketball, develop character, and learn life lessons. They also have Spring break camps and a nine-week Summer camp for ages 3 to 17. Their trainers are some of the best in the business, and they work with NBA, Collegiate, AAU, and high school athletes.

The training is extremely intense and focused on enhancing the player’s individual skill development. They also monitor physical strength and conditioning. It’s very important that players apply the new skills in game-like situations, so they can use them during competition. This is how players can really improve their skill level and their game.

Fastbreak Sports

Founded in 2001, Fastbreak Sports offers basketball leagues for kids all over the city. Its new, state-of-the-art facility on the Upper West Side includes a gym floor that can be customized to fit your child’s height.

In addition to the high-tech features, they also have a team of expert coaches. The kid-to-coach ratio is five to one, and all the coaches have coaching experience at the high school and college levels.

Brooklyn Basketball Academy

Basketball leagues are a great way for kids to develop skills and get a competitive edge. Brooklyn is home to a variety of basketball leagues that will help your child improve their skills and make new friends.

The Brooklyn Basketball Academy brings the excitement of the NBA to kids through semi-private basketball training and community initiatives with an emphasis on fundamental basketball skills, character, and education.  Academy uses elite training techniques and a distinctive coaching style to stress physical improvement, mental growth, and leadership skills.

The Academy offers small group training, holiday and Summer camps, and a travel team.  Academy also has one-day clinics, Spring break camps, and one-on-one training for your child if they need a little extra attention.